Visions Values And Aims

Our Mission Statement

Children are at the heart of everything we say and do in school and we value what their individuality can bring to the learning environment. We want our children to enjoy their learning through a wide range of activities catering for diversity, creativity and spirituality.

We promote the Christian ethos and celebrate multi-cultural values. We want our children to be well prepared for the future by giving them the ability to acquire and apply new skills, knowledge and understanding. We provide opportunities to explore new developments in Technology, healthy lifestyles and care for the global environment.

Our School Aims:

  • That each day each child is given a positive start, is happy and secure
  • That each day each child is given opportunities to discover, create and be themselves
  • That each child is supported to achieve their potential
  • That each child develops the skills needed in the 21st century
  • That each child is nurtured, allowed to grow and seen to flourish