Remote Learning (COVID-19)

Learning From Home

During any self-isolation, bubble closures, school closures or national lockdowns, children will be expected to access, engage with and complete learning at home, unless they are vulnerable or children of Critical workers, who are eligible to attend school on days their parents/carers are unable to look after them.

There will be work set by the class teachers and will be in line with what the children are learning in school. The expectations are set out in the Remote Learning Policy at the bottom of this page. Please go to your child’s Google Classroom account to access their Remote Learning.

For more advice about Coronavirus and symptoms,

To see the list of those classed as Vulnerable and Critical Workers,

Live Google Meet Session Expectations

  • Parents should be in the room with their child
  • Ideally, your child/ children should be the only person/people visible in your webcam/device in the Google Meet meeting.
  • If possible, please avoid having anything else in the shot which is distracting to the teacher or other children on the call. For example, siblings coming in and out, a TV on, etc.
  • Please ensure your child is on mute and/or have the video on when they arrive for the Google Meet
  • Please make sure there is the minimum amount of background noise when unmuted
  • Children need to join using their own name
  • Parents and children must not take screenshots, recordings or photos of the Google Meet meetings
  • Children must be dressed appropriately
  • Backgrounds and visible area must be appropriate for all children to see